Thursday, April 26, 2012

Elementary School

I went to the same elementary school from Kindergaten through 6th grade.  When I reflect back, I can still tell you all my teacher's names and what grade they taught. I did well in school grade wise. Socially though, kids at that age can be so terribly cruel and came up with some pretty mean names. I was overweight (still am) and they took the opportunity to tease me often. It definitely messed with my self-esteem. 

I started liking boys at a pretty early age. I developed young and by 10 years old, I had my period and had boobs. Not like fried eggs but full on boobs. It got me a lot of attention and some of it was negative for sure. I was a Brownie and then a Girl Scout. I got bored with the GS meetings so instead of going, I thought I would hang out with the boys instead. My mom learned about this and immeaditely pulled me out.  In 6th grade, I physically fought one of the neighborhood boys and we both got suspended! I had the creepiest 6th grade teacher named Mr. Nerk. He felt the need to counsel me and would pull me out into the hallway to have a "talk" I heard that he continued his odd behaviors long after I left. Makes me weirded out just thinking about it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In the Beginning

I was adopted at the age of 6 months. I guess it took my bio mother that long to decide if she would keep me or not. I was brought home on January 17, 1967 to Sunnyvale, CA. When they brought me home, I was not a happy camper. I cried any time I was around men. I fell in love with my big brother right away though. He would always play with me and make me laugh.

I was told that I was adopted from the moment I could feasibly understand the concept (4 or 5 years of age) and was given a book called The Chosen Baby. It was a popular way of parents telling their child was adopted. I was always told I was special, that they picked me and they were grateful to have me.

The details I was told about my adoption as I got a little older was that the bio parents were young and not married. At that time, it was frowned upon to have a baby out of wedlock so I was given the chance to have a decent life by being adopted. I was told I was French Canadian and Indian and that was really the extent of what I was told.

My parents could not have natural children. My father was a Disabled Veteran from Korea and my mother had some issues with her uterus so that is the reason they chose to adopt. My brother, who is 5 years older then me was adopted in IL and then they moved to California and adopted me.